Armada Maps

National Museum of the Royal Navy, UK

Exhibition design & Build

Professor Dominic Tweddle, Director General of the National Museum of the Royal Navy commented:

“Our job is to tell epic story of the Royal Navy, its impact on Britain, as well as the world, from the earliest times to the present day, to that end we’re delighted to display the complete Armada Maps Collection for the first time at the National Museum of the Royal Navy. The defeat of the Armada was a turning point in forging our nation’s identity and the maps act as a powerful commemoration of this pivotal naval battle. The Armada Maps National Treasures exhibition is hugely significant; it is an opportunity for us to link Navy to Nation and educate future generations about the origins of the Royal Navy as a protector of an Island Nation.”

The Armada Maps were first drawn in 1589 and are thought to be the earliest surviving representations of the campaign.

Images © Harvey Mills 2023

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• Scoping and research
• Development of narrative approach
• Concept design
• Detailed design
• Co-ordination with curators and conservators
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