Christchurch Tower

St Pauls, London
2018 | 2021

Design and project delivery within the Grade I listed walls of Christopher Wren's Christchurch Tower

Built on the site of a Franciscan monastery, Christchurch “Greyfriars” is a Sir Christopher Wren Church built after the devastation of the Great Fire of 1666. It was said that anyone buried at Greyfriars would get passage past St Peter at the pearly gates no matter what earthly crimes they had committed.

Isabella of France (1295 – 22 August 1358), sometimes known as the she-wolf of France, is said to be buried on this site with the heart of King Edward II whom she had murdered with a red-hot poker. The Church was fire bombed and destroyed in World War II but the bell tower and the north wall survived.

With this commission Wignall & Moore were conscious of the great significance of the building and its Grade I listing. Each design decision was carefully considered to ensure the works were both beautiful and respectful. Works included interior and bespoke joinery design services for two key areas within the Grade I listed Tower.

RIBA work stages 0-7 for Grade I Listed Building:
• Definition of brief
• Scoping and research
• Concept design
• Design of layouts
• Interior design
• Bespoke joinery design
• Detailed design
• Co-ordination with fabricators
• Project Management