The King & The Minotaur

Kings Cross, London

Temporary gallery and performance art venue

Critical Reviews:
“Ephemeral clouds of fabric have expanded to neatly fit the brick shell of a historic brewer’s barn to form a labyrinth, within which are nestled film and sound installations, live performance, artworks and an approach to edible art to rival upcoming events at the Barbican”

“A mid-spring night’s dream. Cliché as it may be, that is the only way I can describe “The King and The Minotaur”. The fact is, 5 minutes inside and you forget all about London I felt like I was in someone’s cottage, ready to see meadows and lakes when the exit door opened. This was by far one of the most interesting, original and pleasurable experiences I’ve ever had here in London. Or anywhere else, for that matter…”

Within the Labyrinthine Art Gallery, we invited the visitor to engage with a rare piece of architecture that would otherwise be inaccessible to the public. Using a showcase of young, up and coming artists, we wanted to create a space that would be a mysterious, beautiful and unconventional gallery.

Temporary gallery and performance art venue with feature bar.
Scoping, concept design, technical design and delivery of the gallery space. Curation and events programming. Marketing and sales collaboration with Sipsmith.  Winning Competition Entry (Art Funding from Ideas Tap) RIBA Stages 0-7.