Guinness Tasting Rooms – Bompas & Parr

James working for Bompas and Parr to lead the design in their first permanent installation to create the best place to taste Guinness in the world.

The series of chambers at the heart of the brewery at St. James’s Gate, Dublin will see 1.4 million visitors a year have a choreographed Guinness tasting experience. The spaces are designed to pedestal the taste of Guinness, the iconic beer with a bold and distinctive flavour that has thrived and prospered for over 250 years.

The Guiness Store house can lay claim to being the best place to drink Guinness as the original site of production, the source of global expertise on the best way to serve Guinness, and through The Tasting Rooms, a specially designed Guinness drinking environment.

Photography by Donal Murphy and Guinness Store House

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